An approval management system for enterprise.

Rolled out as a new project at Skalable to replace email as the standard for business processes. Create intuitive, customizable workflows to facilitate getting a request for an intern, for example, through managers and directors.

Ruby Rails ActiveRecord Single Table Inheritance Nested Attributes AJAX


A targeted spam machine.

The only direct (physical) mail manager that finds customers for you. Simply upload a pdf and select a demographic. Congrats! Ten males between 20 and 30 in San Jose will now receive your Namecheap coupon. Built at HackTECH '14.

Ruby Rails Nokogiri Paperclip Amazon S3 Stripe

tsh (TextShell)      

A command line for web services.

Simply text your command to the given number and your command will be executed and served back to you. Currently supports Facebook, mail, weather, stocks, translations and more. Awarded 2nd at HSHacks and 1st for CreateHS.

Ruby Sinatra/Rails OAuth Twilio
Facebook Gmail Coinbase Wunderground Bing Translate Yahoo Finance


A simple and elegant portfolio site.

Features two tabs as seen above. The slideshow is made from scratch with JQuery, and the interface is intended to be as sparse as possible, using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap JQuery Font Awesome Github Pages

Pinterest Plus      

A simple Pinterest Clone.

Ruby Rails Amazon S3 Paperclip Masonry Solr Heroku

$ echo Hey there!

I'm Rishi, a web & mobile developer based in Silicon Valley. I do work in iOS with Objective-C and Rack-based frameworks with Ruby.

I currently attend Cupertino High School as a senior and worked at Skalable as a software development intern.

Recognize me? I run a student computer science organization and co-organized a hackathon or two.

Looking for a freelance or intern? Hire me.

Want to drop me a line? Email me.